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What is Montreal like for PHP ?

If you are considering php montreal this blog post will have all the answers that you need! In this article, we will take a look at what php professionals from around the world say about life as a php developer in Montreal.

Some php professionals say that php developers are needed in Montreal for the following reasons:

  • The quality of life is great.
  • It's a bilingual city with plenty of culture to experience.
  • There are many job opportunities available for php professionals, which means you will always have work! This may be especially important if you are a php developer looking to relocate.
  • The php industry is growing fast due to factors such as large companies opening offices in Montreal, schools offering php courses and the city attracting more businesses that are incorporating php into their infrastructure.
  • Working conditions are great for php professionals with plenty of perks including healthcare benefits, well paid vacations and flexible working hours.
  • Php professionals are well paid in Montreal, earning an average salary of $74k per year which is considerably higher than the national php industry average.
  • Some php businesses that currently employ php developers in Montreal include Shopify and Ubisoft. The video game company opened their office here because they could not find enough skilled php engineers to work for them in their Quebec City office.
  • Php professionals looking to work remotely are also well catered for with the city offering many coworking spaces that php developers can use as an alternative to working from home or renting expensive office space. Working remotely is becoming more popular among php devs, especially those who live outside of Montreal but would like to work here.
  • The php industry in Montreal is well established meaning there are plenty of php meetups to visit and great schools offering php courses so you can learn everything you need for your career as a php developer or advance your skills further if required!

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